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Ryan Jones Took His First Trade At Age 16. It Was An Options Trade In Phillips Petroleum, And He Lost Money. A Few Hundred Bucks. While Painful, That Experience Triggered The Desire To Learn Everything He Could About Trading And Fueled His Competitive Desire To Become A Profitable Trader.

By Age 19, He Had Learned Enough To Double A Small $5,000 Trading Account In One Month. To Put That Into Context, He Had Just Married His High-School Sweetheart A Little More Than A Year Before This, And Had Just Had His First Daughter (First Of 4 Daughters And A Son). Doubling A Trading Account At This Age In Just One Month Was A Huge Accomplishment. Unfortunately, It Didn’t Take Long For That Account To Be Nearly Wiped Out.

At Age 22, He Grew A $10,000 Account Into Over $23,000 Over The Course Of Four Months. This Was Different From His Previous Successes And Failures. It Was Based On A Consistent Strategy For Trading The Futures Markets Using A System He Created Using Paper Charts. No Computers, No Trading Platforms. His Charts Were Mailed To Him, And He Manually Updated Them Each Week. After Four Months Of Consistent Success, The Same $23,000 Account Shrank Back Down To $2,500 In Just 30 Days. This Experience Hit Him Hard, But It Also Left Him More Determined Than Ever To Figure Out This Trading Thing.

He Took Six Months Off And Analyzed Everything About His Trading. And Then The Light Bulb Went Off.

His Trading Consistency Had Nothing To Do With Entries And Exits; It Had Everything To Do With Trade Size.

By Age 26, He Became The Youngest Author Ever To Sign A Book Deal With John Wiley & Sons On The Topic Of Money Management And Futures Trading.

At Age 30, Ryan Entered His First Live Trading Contest, Finishing 3rd Place With A 42% Gain.

At Age 31, He Entered A Second Live Trading Contest. This Time, He Grew His Account 617% Within 72 Days – A New Record.

Ryan Jones Has Taught Thousands Of Traders To Trade Options The Right Way And Has A 5-Year Signals Track Record With A 94% Win Rate! He Had One Year Without A Loss – 54 Trades, 54 Winners.


Many traders tend to gloss over risk disclaimers, as if they are mere technicalities required in the course of business in this industry. This is a dangerous habit many traders have developed. With all trading strategies, there is "profit potential" and there is "risk potential". All too often, traders interpret "profit potential" as a "promise of profits", while at the same time, if risks are realized, the term "risk potential" is interpreted "I was duped". This is trading. There are risks, and these risks are very real. Risk potential means you could experience losses. Profit potential means you could experience profits. Past performance, whether hypothetical or real, does not diminish the risk potential of any strategy. The problem with simply glossing over risk disclaimers and not taking them seriously is that it causes traders to make decisions they would not otherwise make. Specifically, glossing over a risk disclaimer may lead to deciding to trade a strategy that you would otherwise decide against trading had you taken the risks associated with that strategy seriously. It also causes traders to stop trading strategies long before they should stop trading them because they did not take the risk disclaimer seriously.

Understanding risk is more important to the overall success of trading than you might think. In fact, your understanding of risk (or lack of understanding), affects virtually every trading decision you make from markets to trade, account size to start with, beginning trade size, levels at which you increase or decrease your trade size, and of course, how long to stay committed to a strategy. It is to your detriment to ignore this, and any other risk disclaimer associated with trading. Every strategy and trade opportunity associated with Seasoned Stocks carries risk. In all cases, you decide whether the "profit potential" is worth the "risk potential".

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